I’m definitely at this point in life where almost everything about me needs change. The past few months have been really challenging and getting to find out who I really am, who I wanna be and how I wanna live my life. During these days, I get to understand how short we get to live, and I don’t want to leave regretting. 

I want to live happily , I was so caught up in my old habits and ways, I thought that was my comfort zone where everything was right with me but I was just pretending to myself and to others that I was content but really I wasn’t, I longed to have a lil silliness in my life and now I’m gonna live free. I definitely get to understand that Happiness is a choice. 

Tell me I am wrong, then to me I’m definitely wrong. That’s me allowing people make decisions for me, not able to express my feelings, not courageous with my point of view. I settled for others decisions and point of views, but have come to realize “I don’t get to settle for Less” and it’s never going to make me what I want to be, and what I’m capable of becoming. 

My new rules: 

  • Be Happy 
  • Live Free
  • Be Courageous 
  • Be Adventurous 

So I recently changed my blog name to “diaryofa20somethng” I wanted something that reflect me and what I feel about myself.

I hope I don’t bore y’all with my Life and it’s different shades, but if you wanna follow my journey then hit the follow button or sign up.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

8 Replies to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. Oh my, this is so strange lol. Just hopped on your blog to see if there’s anything I haven’t read, and I saw this title. I had the same title for one of my posts which is quite recent, now I feel like I copied lol

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