Pick an outfit with SEKY 


Its bin like forever since i last posted, i promised was going to post twice a week this year, but hey some promises can be broken, •sad• didn’t keep to my promise , well i have been busy with my National Youth Service Corps Its a one year compulsory scheme for graduates in my country,  basically to serve our Nation • well im so excited, finally done with the scheme, wanna know more about this scheme and my wonderful experience, wait for it ! But keep visiting my other blog sekoyin.wordpress.com 

So for my wonderful comeback 🙂 lets analyze some of these outfits i saw on tumblr.com

They are basically my fashion style & Sense, the word • Simple & Chic• 

Outfit 1 

 Im like so in love with the Ripped Jean & the Footwear, really simple and a lil Sophisticated👌🏻A yes for me! 

Outfit 2

Okay! Theres an Hat involved ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 The Hat is a killer to all outfit, it gives that • Hey im out of your friend Zone, kinda look• The Flowery gown is a +. This is definitely for me. 

Outfit 3

Stripped Crop Top + a white footwear + a back pack is definitely    One to rock. My unexpected love for Back Packs though•  

Outfit 4

Im more into the Top and the Pumps and of course the sun glass! 

Outfit 5


White Jean & Pumps are definitely to die for. + Silver wrist watch ✔️

Outfit 6

This Monochrome Two piece is to die for. The purse/clutch ❤️

Outfit 7 

Hakuna Matata , definitely No worries if im in this outfit, really simple and chic. And do you notice the pink sandal ? Beautiful!  

Outfit 8

Black Trousers, Denim jacket & Foot wear !so me. 

Outfit 9

Simple & Chic. I love the lacey fabric of the skirt though.      Oh that shocker, Really nice !

So my last outfit 

Outfit 10 

Hat!!! And that Neck Piece, beautiful. 

I hope you guys love them as much as i do ! ❣. 
Please comment down there 👎👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼will love to hear from you ! 

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