Pick an outfit with SEKY

Hey Guys! 

How’s your week going? Mine is going  normal, nothing special but Thankful for a new week. 

So, let’s analyze some outfits I found on Pinterest. I’m so in love with them and I trust Y’all gonna like them. 

Outfit 1

I really can’t get enough of Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. They are like so nice and give you that sweet look. Lol. So I love the Dramatic Sleeves , which gives that Drama to any Garment. Oh! And those shoes. Complete your outfit. 


So I lOVE the detailing on the fabric, not so dull but chic. I have a thing for hats and booties. They bring your outfit to life. This outfit is so perfect for a day out with friends. 


Off-the-shoulder tops is Everything! I like the fact that, the chocker, clutch and heels goes well with this outfit. 


You just have to love Lacey Tops, this is definitely gonna be comfortable in. 

Outfit 5

The shoes are everything. Every girl needs a pink dress in her wardrobe. This is perfect for a date. 

Outfit 6

Off-the-shoulder + Dramatic sleeves shift dress. So perfect for an outing with friends. Btw, I love the chain. 

Outfit 7

We all want a short white dress. Don’t we? You gonna be so comfortable in this. 


Blue Swing dress, this is so beautiful. I love the back and front detailing. So daring and chic. But most importantly the heels and bag is just perfect for this outfit. 

Outfit 9

I LOVE Nude! It’s so natural and completes every outfits.


The perfect dress for a date. This is definitely gonna make your date wanting more. 

I hope y’all love them! 

You think they would look nice differently? Let’s hear your opinions. Comment below. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

21 Replies to “Pick an outfit with SEKY”

      1. Lol I’m still experiencing the stress so I don’t miss UPIB yet ๐Ÿ˜‚ Mr Momah will always be my fave, Okonneh too. I studied International relations. I’m guessing you did too?

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