Who am I?


Hey Hey

I’m Sekinat Oyinkansola Tijani. I’m in my early 20s. I suck at introductions, like too bad at it. I’ve been shying away from this, but here we are.

I started blogging Years back because I wanted a space to share my thoughts, though I always get lazy at it, school stress and all those shii.

Flashback, Few Months ago, i got tired of Leaving the blog empty and unattended to. Lol. So I started blogging AGAIN. I dunno where this (Blogging) is going to take Me, but i hope 10 Years from now, I still derive Joy from Typing My thoughts and sharing it to impact.

One of my old blog Sekoyin I basically wrote about my Thoughts and all. I recently just changed this Blog name to Diaryofa20something because I wanted a space that reflects my Life, and what I belief in. I may still be slacking at results, I know where I’m going.

Oh! And finally I’m obsessed with Studying Fashion Design.  I Sew and Run my own fashion store Hellofashion

And I also Co-own a Kiddies Fashion store ShopF&S

Enough talk About Me. Thank you for reading through. I hope I don’t bore you in my Posts & I do hope you follow through my 20s Journey. Then, Please do Subscribe, Follow and contribute.  

I’m definitely open to any collaborations