Why you should attend events in Lagos. GTBANK Food and drink festival 

Hey Y’all 

Its been forever since i last updated. The truth: had to take a long break from blogging to get a lot of things right. You know i was at that stage where it was all going wrong, depressed state and all of that negativity. So right now I’m only channeling the whole positive vibes and energy to me and facing all the issues that got me depressed like a boss.  

Gtbank food and drink festival was one weekend i had to unwind the whole mental stress and all, Though with a funny story. My friend and i Moji, we had this fear about the whole crowd and all. Well it was crowded, VERY!!! But the whole concept and idea is amazing. 

We explored the farmers market first, plus we had a free treat in one of the stores. I feel bad i can’t remember the store name and i forgot to take a picture too. After exploring the farmers market and the stall around we decided to take pictures. That’s  Where it all started, all of a sudden I was shaking, eyes turning and im like super tired already. A guy walked up to me and was like i should take a picture of him, i almost dropped his phone, i just had to give his phone back before i get shipped to computer village for a new phone. 

I really wanted to go around, meet people and catchup with old friends i bumped into but then i wasn’t myself. After about 2 hours we had to leave. Moj is obsessed with food. So she went all round shopping for stuffs she could store for rainy days while i sit to regain my strength. I had some stuffs to eat though little, i had a cocktail from mixit_ng, turkey and corn plus i can’t say no to ice cream from hans and rene. 


  • Not enough seats, it was all filled up Too crowded!!
  • It’s an amazing platform for entrepreneurs
  • The master class was amazing and absolutely free 
  • The whole design concept is definitely top notch. 

Why you should attend events in Lagos 

So many events in lagos every weekend, dont be a party potato though, most importantly try to get the whloe stress out of you. We all know how it can be really stressful, traffic, the frustrated lagos life. Your way to go  website for events is definitely  Eventbrite you get updates on events and you might get lucky, They might be free. 

GTBANK Food and drink festival
GTBANK Food and drink festival

Aside from the whole stress and my feverish state. I had fun at the event. 

So that’s it guys, please leave in your comment and please do subscribe. 

5 Replies to “Why you should attend events in Lagos. GTBANK Food and drink festival ”

  1. Sekyyy… Where have you been? Like it’s been ages. Anyways, missed this place. I don’t get how you ppl unwind weekdays stress by going out to events on weekends..i just sleep! That’s what I love to do.. ❤


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