New Year Resolutions? NO!

Many things are thrown our way in this game of life. It’s how you deal with them that shows your true character. I want all of you to feel the hope, love & passion I feel for the New year. I want ALL of you to not only go for your dreams, but have a damn ass good time doing it! 

Happy New Year Guys

So First off, Guys! See what I found. How time flies I started blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts, and have that little space on the internet where I belong. I remember creating my first blog post, with that victorious feeling like I won a lottery or something. I can’t belief it’s 4 Years already. I wish I could go back to whispering to that 200 level scared & shy lady  you will be proud of you in 4 years’. ‘You will grow to belief in yourself. I’m super excited about my blogversary, so I will be collaborating with Hellofashion for a giveaway soon. 

PINGBACK – Lessons learnt in 2017. 

I know we 12 Days into the new year, and this post is quite late, but I hope you pick a thing or two from this. So, This year I won’t be making New Year Resolutions. Some of You might  agree with me that only 10%  are successful in achieving them. While the rest of us stopped either the first week,  or don’t follow through. No More Resolutions for me, instead I will be focusing to Embrace my Mistakes and Victories and learn from them. I will be Creating Wonderful Goals and I hope Yall will be able to take a thing or two from these Tips below. 

  • Identifying My Goals    ; Goals give us that direction, they help build that force within you.  What will you like to achieve ?  What would you like to attain in your career? Take a piece of paper and write it all down. 
  • Identify your Mistakes and victories the past year: Firstly, embrace those mistakes and then working towards change. 
  • Separate your short term Goals and Long time Goals :   Short term goals are goals you want to achieve soon, could be in A week, or months. While A Long term Goal requires planning and Time. Could take more than a year to accomplish.  They should relate. Your short term Goals should somehow lead to your Long time goal. 
  • Apply the S.M.A.R.T Goals. All your Goals are written down? Good! Welldone! Never heard of the S.M.A.R.T Goals ? It’s a tool to help make Goals a success or help improve the chances of succeeding.
  1. S- SPECIFIC ;  Be specific about what you want to Accomplish by applying the ‘W’ Questions, Who, What, When, Which, Where & Why
  2. M- Measurable ; Your goals should be Measurable by setting tasks to Accomplish, whereby you are able to measure your growth. 
  3. A- Achievable ; How far are you going to achieve these goals ? Think about how to achieve them and the steps to take  
  4. R- Relevant; Is reaching your goal relevant to you ? Think of a way to connect your Goals to you. 
  5. Time ; Time is definitely money. So Deadlines should help keep you in time. But most importantly make sure they are flexible. So you don’t overwork and giving you enough time to smash those goals. 

  • Come to terms with Failures: I’m not saying, Yeah you might fail in achieving your goals. No. But when you Embrace failure as part of successes. You are sure close to success. 
  • Believe in yourself : For you to smash those goals, then you must be your Number 1 Fan. Cheer yourself on. One ✔ out of a 100, Tell yourself how proud you are of you. 
  • Strive to smash those Goals: Hard work definitely pay off, so be true to yourself and strive to make those goals checked. 

      So Make your Mistakes and learn from them, let that drive push you forward. Enjoy each day as it passes and stop thinking of promises that might get broken one day. Good luck to those who made a list, I commend your courage and will to achieve these goals. I wish yall a wonderful 2018. 

      Did you enjoy reading this? Will you be applying any of this to achieving your goals this year? How’s 2018 been so far? Please leave in a comment. I love to hear from you guys. They keep me going. 

      14 Replies to “New Year Resolutions? NO!”

      1. All i could think of while reading this post is the fact that I created my vision board 2nights ago and it has a lot to do with GOALS and Growth.
        Today for the first time this year I started on my devotional and I’m returning home after a job interview.
        So really, I just feel good about making plans with realistic goals and I hope the good fortune carries on all year!
        Idle head
        What did you leave in 2017

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        1. I pray your goals are all going to be ✔. How did your job interview go ?
          I get that feeling too. Even though 2017 didn’t end so well, I was totally joyful for a new start. It’s going to be a wonderful year for us Both. ❤

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      2. Happy New Year dear and happy 4yrs blogversary… For a minute I was wondering where u went off to. Had to search you up and I’m here.
        No new year resolutions for me but your tips, i’l definitely keep in mind. Thanks for sharing!

        Liked by 1 person

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