Yay! Liebster Award

Hey Hey!!!

Thank y’all for visiting again! 

So Finally I got Nominated for an award. Like! Finally!. I wasn’t expecting at all, So Thank you so much, TropicalMuse, Do visit her Blog https://tropicalmuseblog.wordpress.com and check out her amazing Blog Posts.

What is the Liebster Award? 

The liebster award is a blogger award for new bloggers or those with a small following. It is a way of giving new bloggers some recognition and encouragement for their hard work. The instructions for accepting the award and passing it on are as follows:

  • Create a new blog post on your blog thanking the person that nominated you, link to their blog and put in a graphic of the award.
  • Answer the questions that were provided, and then share some facts about yourself. 
  • Create a new set of your own questions for others to answer. 
  • Nominate 10 others and share your blog post with them so they can accept their awards!    

Here goes Tropical muse Questions. 

Why did you Start your Blog: 

I wanted a space to express myself and inner thoughts.  A space that reflects my life and what i feel about myself. 

What do you do asides Blogging: 

I Work in a Brokers Firm, Run my own Fashion store Hellofashion and also Co-own a kids fashion store, Shopf&s.

What do you love most about yourself: 

My Determination Drive. 

 What is your favourite movie: 

The Notebook & If I stay.  I can watch them all day, like continuously and cry all over. 

What is your favourite Song:

Ed-Sheeren Perfect is everything.
So my Nominees, 

Cookie aestheticallycookie.wordpress.com

Barrie barrrie.wordpress.com

Zainab zaynaro.wordpress.com

Oluchi idleheadblog.com



Tomiwa naijagirlonabudget.wordpress.com

Sharon sharonuncensored.wordpress.com

Gold styledbygold.wordpress.com

My Questions: 

1.  What’s your challenge in blogging ? 

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

3. If you aint blogging right now. What else? 

4. What defines You?

So that’s it guys!!! Please do visit Tropicalmuse blog and those listed above. 

Thank you Tropicalmuse. 

30 Replies to “Yay! Liebster Award”

  1. Thanks so much Seky you give off such positive vibes. I definitely think you deserve the award and let me just add that you’re such a girl lol but I can’t judge because I love “the notebook” too and best believe Ed sheeran and I are a thing in my head lol. In case you haven’t seen “me before you “ (it’s a movie) you totally should it’s a good blend of romance Plus they played a lot of Ed Sheerans songs.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You deserve the Award too darl. ❤
      Ed-Sheeren is everything!!!
      Trust me, I’m gonna watch the movie soon.
      Thanks for leaving a comment b. ❤❤. I’m so glad you relate too.

      Liked by 1 person

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