Life Lately +1

I turn 20something Today. Dec4.
I’m I excited? Not Really… I don’t want to be a year older. 

I’m I depress? I was for a while. 

I was trying so hard to shake it up and try plan something, I was practically empty. Lol.  I feel like Oh yeah! Seki you are so old, Your dreams are yet still written down, Unchecked. How far have you gone to achieve them? And I’m like BLANKIts been the most Challenging Year ever, Job Hunting, growing Hellofashion & shopF&S, understanding my Finances. I’m filled with Gratitude, God came through for me countless times. Understanding how far have come and overcoming so many obstacles, I’m definitely not where I was a year ago. 

Lessons Learnt 

  • Never let anyone and I mean anyone look down on you. Irrespective of who or what they are. 
  • Be comfortable In your skin. Grow Confidence 
  • Let go of Toxic Relationship/Friends.
  • Try to put up a smile during the worst days. *I’m definitely working on this*
  • Never let little things get to you.
  • People come and go. Leave that door open!
  • Always be Positive.
  • Never Compare your life to others. 
  • Make something of the moment you are in.
  • Do not waste time on people that do not deserve it.
  • Always look and think outside the box.
  • Everything in life works according to our Time.
  • Get Honest with yourself and start doing what you love. 
  • Just because you Fail once doesn’t mean you gonna fail at everything.  Always belief in yourself. 
  • Keep working for your growth. 
  • Accept Rejection!!! 
  • Appreciate Life and always express your Gratitude.
  • Don’t be unhappy over trivial things. 
  • Listen to your own voice and let it direct you.
  • Finally, Thank God and Pray! He’s definitely going to guide you. Trust him. 

I’m still working on these lessons and next year I pray I get to write how they help shape a new me and pave way to new perspectives. 

I’m thankful for Family and those friends that stayed true with me. You guys rock!!! I hope yall are ready to spend another wonderful year with Me. 

|   H ■ A ■ P ■ P ■ Y   B ■ I ■ R ■ T ■ H ■ D ■ A ■ Y    2 me!  | 

Thank You Seyi for these Beautiful pictures. Even though it was Impromptu. They came out amazing. 

Thank you for reading Guys. I’m thankful for y’all.

    37 Replies to “Life Lately +1”

    1. I can totally relate to you. Growing a year older used to be so exciting but it seems when you’re 20 something things change. I personally feel like I’m running out of time. There’s still so much I want to do. But atleast growing older comes with wisdom. Anyway 20 something looks really good on you. Happy Birthday

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    2. Happy birthday sugar. Your lessons couldn’t be any more purée than this!
      Wish you the most amazing heart warming day, one filled will insights on God’s love for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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