A Day in My life: Ibadan.

Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria and the most populous city in the state with a population of over 3 million. It is the third most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano; it is the country’s largest city by geographical area         Source- Wikipedia. 

I have been having a writer’s block, been trying so hard to create a blog post, its so depressing. I try typing and then I’m like blank, staring at a white screen. It’s so terrible not finding inspiration. I was really offline for a while so I guess that added to me been blank from writing and all. The one place I know to get motivated is The Bloggers Advocate WhatsApp group. It’s such an amazing group, I’ve been on the sidelines reading comments and taking one, two and more things to help grow my blog but lately I just leave the messages unread and I think that’s also one of the reasons I’m still blank from writing and blogging. 

I recently travelled to Ibadan with My friends, have never spent a night overthere, I only go or pass through to other states. I was looking forward to the trip, hoping I get energetic and inspired to Write a blog post and also getting a new Air in a different environment entirely. Tired of the usual Lagos Busily Scattered environment

I really dunno where this post is heading, I hope you find this interesting and I’m able to break this Writer’s Block spell. So i took different pictures while on this trip, some where not needed lol  but I’m posting a few here. 

Trust me guys, my expectations about Ibadan was just so right, the city is so peaceful and calm. I felt Tranquillity, that peace and not the usual everyone is frustrated kinda life in Lagos. On getting to Ibadan, my friend who lived there for a while talked about how they beg a lot, because they are so lazy. It’s just the right place for you to just come rest when you get cool cash and all, since opportunities are a lil limited. It’s just a perfect place to move when retired. Lol

Sun glasses from Hellofashion

After the shot trip ■3 Hours thereabout■ we waited to eat at a Restaurant, The OFADA PLACE around old Bodija, really affordable and I like how the interior is really colourful, the concept was a lil African and the inside a lil modern. I couldn’t take a picture of the whole building but it was built with Bamboo sticks & well constructed.

COKE is def my best thing to drink.

After Lodging at our Hotel, we then decided to Visit a Lounge GQ LOUNGE, still around Old Boldija. Since it was already dark they had a live band going on, the place was super Full! It’s actually an open space big enough with other small kiosk selling stuffs at the back, Shawarma, ASUN (Roasted Goat meat) etc.  And the club which is in the main building.  The band guys are AMAZING. Too amazing , their Voice is on another level,they sing any Genre of Music! Hip Hop, Gospel, Fuji etc. They definitely carry the crowd along so well. We took our orders and I helped myself to  Chapman and Shawarma, the Shawarma was definitely the best ever. Their prices were reasonable compared to places in Lagos. 

I like how i felt when I took this water. Tasteless but soft

I had such an amazing time at Ibadan, i wished i visited so many places Agodi Park & Gardens, Zoological Garden etc. So little time. The City is one place to visit or move to if you love the peaceful life. I also noticed how they have so many trees along the road, they give this beauty to a street or place. Ibadan is definitely a place I want to visit again.

I’m sorry this post is quite long but I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do rate my Editing skills. Lol.  

Do you Live in Ibadan/Oyo? Have you visited this wonderful city? What Do you think of this post? Please do comment below. I love to hear from you. 

                                     |♡  S E K Y |

38 Replies to “A Day in My life: Ibadan.”

  1. It was a calm trip, I’ve gone to Ibadan maybe 4 times and out of those 4, I can only remember three clearly. One I went for a wedding, so we had to sleep in a hotel, but I remember going out with my mum, late to look for food, it wasn’t any different from Lagos night time food buying from the locals. The second time I went to Agodi gardens and it was pretty cool, the place is really beautiful, but their animals need more care, especially their lions. I loved the food at Agodi gardens though. The third time was back in secondary school. We did a full week trip to sightsee, Osun and Oyo, so we were up and about.

    About writer’s block, me I’m still claiming to have writer’s block, meanwhile I’m just being lazy and what not to just sit in one place and type, so what I did, was spend today brainstorming for post ideas I would love to write about, and well look for Nigerian bloggers, because I recently discovered that there is a network of Nigerian bloggers, like please sign me up for the WhatsApp group, I need it in my life.

    Recently, Ore shared this, so this should inspire you a bit I guess. https://nextdoorchic.wordpress.com/2017/10/22/300-followers-20-blog-post-ideas-for-writers-block/

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    1. Hey Lara! Thank you for this comment. Wow!
      There’s really no different from Lagos night life true but there’s this peace lol. Way different to me. I really wished I visited Agodi, but definitely on my wishlist.
      Lol stop been lazy b, get to writing. : )
      Definitely. Will send the link.
      Thanks for stopping by b.

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    1. My friend said so, he lived there for years so he understands their personality so well. Getting around was super easy. Me too!! Thanks for stopping by. ❤


  2. I have always wished I spent the rest of my life in IB. I’m only there during vacations with my cousins.
    To me it’s a place where dreams come true, unless you are a lazy *smiles*. There a lot of memories have created being there…its lot fun!
    I enjoyed reading your post and your pictures are beautiful. Yeah…about the app you use, it’s really good I’m using that too. I just followed you on instagram I hope you follow me back.
    Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. I’m so glad you can relate with my post. Hopefully, Iya Ope restaurant is still available. Will definitely go there when I visit again. Please come to Nigeria soon. Lol. Thanks for leaving a comment. ❤


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