Beauty: Unending Wishlist X FOCALLURE

Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.  

I hardly Makeup guys, I’m still trying to get a hang of all the highlighting, perfect brows and all lol. lot of friends have really talked me into practicing and taking it seriously. So I’m presently trying to improve by watching YouTube videos. Toni Olaoye is my girl! Her makeup transformation is on another level.
I have this habit of Window shopping, lol. y’all really need to see my cart chilling till an unexpected cash comes in. Fav online stores; Jumia , Konga, Aliexpress, Asos, etc.

I found this Makeup brand FOCALLURE, on Ali express the packaging and branding is really cool and they are super affordable compared to some other Makeup products/Brand, though i can’t tell how good these products are, I checked reviews I think they are pretty nice
So below are some products I can’t wait to have.

  1. FOCALLURE 8 pieces Makeup set with Bag, it includes, Mascara, Eyeliner, Naked Color Eyeshadow, Velvet Lipstick, Brows powder, Highlighter, Loose powder, & Glowing blush. Cost- $15.57- #5,605.
  2. FOCALLURE 8 pieces Makeup set, it includes, powder, lipstick, Mascara, Lip gloss, Eyeshadow palette, Eyeliner. The box is everything, it’s perfect for a gift, plus your daily makeup. Cost $18.74- #6,746.
  3. FOCALLURE Matte liquid lipstick, they come in different colors. Cost~ $2.89 – #1,040
  4. FOCALLURE Highlighter and Contour Stick. Cost~ $2.45 – #882
  5. FOCALLURE 9 Colors Eyeshadow palette. Cost~ $3.59- #1,292
  6. FOCALLURE Foundation Cost- $3.89-#1,400
  7. FOCALLURE 18 Colors Eyeshadow Palette. This is quite pricey though. Cost~ $12.08- #4,348
  8. FOCALLURE Concealer. Cost-$3.19- #1,148
  9. FOCALLURE Makeup powder. Cost- $3.19-#1,148

So guys I’m attaching a direct link to FOCALLURE store, FOCALLURE. Reviews (Nig included) below-
I think these Makeup products are actually good. And y’all should get 1/2 from these above or choose from the store.

Thank you for reading guys!
I hope this post was helpful
You’ve seen this product? Used? Or stumbled into the store while window shopping/shopping?
I love to hear from you guys. Please drop in your comments.

Plus this isn’t a sponsored post, •How I wish• : ) soon. Lol

22 Replies to “Beauty: Unending Wishlist X FOCALLURE”

  1. Another Aliexpress shopper like me! I felt some truths in this post lol! The full shopping carts waiting to be bought from, in fact I fill my shopping cart and have to start wishlists sef! Even on Jumia! Focallure also seems nice but I only doubt about the foundation being the right shade, everything else seems nice!

    I love the way their blushes and singular eyeshadows look. They’re so gorgeous! One day o one day. For now, I’m just buying things little by little, not necessarily Focallure though. I just want a nice mix that will still get me all I need at the end of the day.

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    1. Kiss Beauty is also another cute one! They have similar packaging to The balm cosmetics in some of their products! Lol some products I plan to buy from Aliexpress are for the aesthetic oooo, some are just so pretty lol! You just want to stare at them

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      1. Hey Amaka! They are so pretty. Lol. Their packaging ehn on another level. I know Kiss beauty. I ordered lipstick one time like that, then it got missing. I don’t visit that store again. Thanks for stopping by darl.

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      2. lol I actually tracked it down to Lagos, and then that was it, kept showing its in the office, I sent a message to the seller and she was like I should reorder from the store they will definitely send it with my new orders. I didn’t even reply her. I don’t trust all stores, I read a lot of reviews especially if Nigeria is included. I Learnt lol

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    2. Like my shopping cart is on another level, sometimes they get sold out, I go add a similar one 😂. They should really give Coupons for adding to our cart. 😭Even though we order one by one. They have about 9 different shades I think, the last one is actually cocoa, that should be good for dark skinned like us. They are too gorgeous! Let me know whenever you decide which to get first. Thanks for stopping by Amaka. ❤️

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  2. Thank you Seky for this post!!! I’m sooo getting a few of these items once my Akant approves…lol! Notice how the eyeshadow looks like the Hudabeauty Palette. Kiss beauty is also not bad! I’m working on a collab post on one of their items.

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    1. Aww. Please do, I can’t wait to see you perform your magic on them when you get. Hudabeauty? I dunno this product. Will check google for it. Lol. I tried ordering kissbeauty once and then it got lost. I never visit their store again. Thanks for reading and commenting Uzzy. ❤️

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  3. Hey Seky, thanks for this post, will definitely check that focallure store. This post actually reminded me that my friend bought a couple of matte lipsticks from them, it looked good on her, i said i was going to check and i forgot. So, thanks for the reminder.
    Meanwhile the wishlist something ehh… Good to know there are some aliexpress shoppers too, all these ‘gbo gbo bigs girls’ them makes it seem like…I comment my reserve lol!!

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    1. Aww. Thanks for reading baby girl. I’m glad my post reminded you. lol yeso. I’m proud I shop from Aliexpress. They have really nice stuffs and they come in good prices, i like cheap things. Lol. Thank you for stopping by. : )


  4. i should check out AliExpress for makeup. using i check AliExpress for cake tools…#lifeofabaker…but i really agree with you on the eye brows. Its amazing how it transforms your face…

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    1. Lol. You should try Aliexpress though. But it takes forever to get down here, a lot of affordable stuffs. Thanks for leaving a comment. : )


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