Currently loving: Nigeria Fashion Bloggers

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

So currently guys I’m loving Nigeria Fashion bloggers/Social media Influences. I recently got to know few through this amazing platform The Bloggers Advocate They are so amazingly talented and I’ve learnt so much from their blog already. Hopefully I get to meet or do a collaboration with any. •Optimistic•

Here are my 10 Fashion bloggers/Social Media influencer I’m currently loving.

  1. Meet Coco bassey of Millennielle.comShe’s Nigerian, a digital influencer, and a marketing professional. I love her sense of style, she’s so chic, she chooses well tailored stylish pieces/designs that are pretty classy.
  2. Maryam Salam of Fashion by daisy I LOVE LOVE her sense of style! Sophisticated, Classy, and chic. She’s the founder of The bloggers point, I recently found out and I was dumbfounded. You want tips for your blog and how to grow your audience, She’s the right blogger to stalk.
  3. Nayonde of ThisthingcalledfashionI came across Nayonde through The bloggers point, Her Blog posts inspires me. I love her style plus she’s so Adorable. She rocks every style and she does perfectly WELL. Chic, sophisticated, casual etc. She’s one to look up to. Her blog is definitely a symbol of style.
  4. Ifeoma of DrapedinbasicsShe’s so creative! Like, her blog posts gives me Inspiration. Her Thrift finds though, they are def Must have! I can’t define her sense of style, she’s so Unique.
  5. Meet Onyii A digital content creator, Her style is LIT. She knows what looks good on her and style it right.
  6. Yay! Wumi Tuase of Wumi’tuase Her style is that of elegance with comfort, She always keeps it’s simple but still looks classy. She definitely inspire the fashionista in me. Plus her thrift store got amazing Stuffs. Trust me!
  7. Grace of Epiphany29 I found her blog through The Bloggers Advocate WhatsApp group. I was so drawn to her because she sews, I sew too•Grins• Anyway, I love her styles and how perfect she rocks them.
  8. Vickie of ThelazyoutfitterI recently came across her blog, and I love how good she is in Writing and her Unique sense of style is definitely to lookout for.
  9. Sofiyat Ibrahim of .theoddittyI came across her Instagram page few months back, when she started blogging. I like how she embraces her Nigerian Heritage and how she Praises her tailor in her blog posts, who is down here in Nigeria. She’s such a loyal customer. Lol. Her style is always so simple but with a dose of Class.
  10. Sola Fagbemi of SolafagbemiFrom Trendy to chic and Sophisticated, Sola Fagbemi style is a must see. She also owns a Fashion Brand Shop Sola, Their African Prints pieces are definitely a Must Have.

Thank you Amaka ! Her post Nigerian pride: An ode to Nigerian creativesinspired me to write this.

What do you think about my post? Are you currently loving any of these amazing bloggers? Please drop in your comments. I love to hear from you. Thanks for reading !

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