Event: ST. Eve West Africa Fashion week 1

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So during the weekend, I attended St. Eve west Africa fashion week, it's a 3 day event. September 8-10. I only attended for a day though. This event had another collaboration with SEWAF AWARD, the last day was the big event which I attended.
The event started with an exhibition from 12:00 Pm, stalls ranged from #24,000-#50,000 and they all had their stalls under a bigger canopy, the only issue I had with them was the canopy not wide enough for ventilation. (Review below) The Vendors were about 100, if possible more (Rough Estimation). The food vendors had their stalls outside with their canopies, trust me, Great food.

I appreciate the Made in Nigeria products/Goods that were on sales, though some were a lil on the high side. It's just amazing to see Nigeria entrepreneurs changing it all and pushing towards a better and bigger future.
Pictures below from the exhibition
lol I didn't see her do that.
My fav Vendor should be Mak ArtistryI was so happy when she posted on Instagram about exhibiting at the event. She's a great Artist and her Note pads are definitely, must have!
Plus they go for a thousand Naira.

I also got a Tee from Retro Addicts it had Tribal designs at the sides, they sell Amazing thrifts wears and super affordable. I love them.

My other fav Vendor, Misfitsandroyalty they sell Affordable backpacks, the good thing is they are made in Nigeria. They are super comfortable to carry and big enough to take in all your essentials.

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This would have been a very long post, I don't want to bore Y'all. My other story from the event will be posted later this week, the designs, My friends link up, who we met and what we wore. You want to read the rest of my story ? Then just hit the subscribe button. 🙂


  • The stalls were a little smaller.
  • No ventilation had everyone sweating, So not good.
  • The canopy should have been spacious.
  • They gave electricity, this is so good to me

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