New Series: Currently loving

Sigh. I’m such a lazy blogger, definitely working on me.
Anyway, how are y’all doing? And how was the short hols?.

This is a new series, I hope y’all will like. So recently I’m current loving, African Prints popularly called Ankara Fabric. The African prints is really taking over the fashion world, and I’m loving every piece of work and designs they bring out.
I found some designs on Pinterest , you guys are definitely gonna love.
Pictures below
look1: A palazzo pant and a crop top is definitely one of my favorite outfit. It’s super comfortable, and easy to pull off lol. Look 2: I love the sense of style and please let’s talk about the shoes. I Love Love them. I like the exchange in outfits, and how they played with prints and colors. That’s definitely fashion to me. Plus Skater Skirts are so comfortable. Look 3: I like the prints on this Fabric. So colorful. The neck line and Dramatic sleeves are so nice. Plus is this a wrap & peplum top? I think lol. I feel the top worn on a longer trousers will look better. What do you think? Look 4: Way to go outfit. Never disappoints. Lol. And definitely still trending. Look 5: love me a short Dress. Definitely adding this to my wardrobe soon. I love this Look, gives you that chic and classy attitude. And this would definitely look good in a footwear. Look 6: This is actually a Kente Fabric, Ghanaian Fabric. They are really nice and comes in different patterns and colors, they are easily identified. I like This sewn into a crop top and how the front detail is daring. Look 7: The peplum top on a leather skirt should be my favorite. But they are so nice and each outfit brings out the beauty in their legs. Look 8: Friends that slay together stays together. Lol. Anyway they all look great. I love how colorful the fabrics are, And their head wraps. Look 9: I like how easy they look, easily worn on a jean but still chic. Look 10: This should be my Fav Look, the Headtie is everything.

So guys here are my 10 Fav looks, and I’m currently loving The African Prints , I should definitely make one for myself and post a DIY on How it’s made or a finish product of my work.

Thanks for stopping by guys, you have a similar fabric or a similar design or you feel they should be worn differently? Let’s chat, please drop your comments.

Xoxo- Seky.

15 Replies to “New Series: Currently loving”

  1. The way I’m crazy about African fabrics these days you’d think I just fell off the moon and discovered them! You don’t know but one of those pictures happen to be a lady I went to school with standing with a friend. So funny it was a random picture

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  2. Nothing like African print 💕💕💕. I can not even pick a fave, from look 2 #findingpapola&friends to the Ankara and denim shorts giving chic vibes to head wrap game 💪🏾💪🏾

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