Perfecting my Flat Lays.

Hey Guys!
So I went Awol again.
I need to stop getting lazy at blogging…
Anyway, I'm trying to perfect my Flatlays. Have read a lot of posts from different bloggers, So I kept on trying and trust me I made a lot of mistakes lol. They were not nice at first but later on they aren't so perfect but I think they are okay .
Pictures below;

So Guys, What do you think about these Flatlays. Improving? How do I get better? Will love to hear from you. Please Comment below.

PS: Cap and Tees from Hello fashion

6 Replies to “Perfecting my Flat Lays.”

  1. You’re trying oo just keep practicing, take advantage of natural lighting, play around with angles – you don’t have to always do the typical camera facing down. You can bring the camera to ground level even and capture details. Even use different backgrounds, just play around and test your mind! You won’t be disappointed. You can get a white cardboard paper if you want a rumple-free, clear and flat surface. Let me not say too much ooo, you’ve probably already read enough blog posts on it lol

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  2. I think you are getting there, i try to do flatlays mostly in the day time with the natural light or sun. Try some editing apps such as vsco, airbrush and face tune.


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