Book Review- A place called home

Hey Y'all
How's your week going?.
So I will be reviewing this book A Place Called Home
I got this book, November, 2015. At Mammy, NYSC camp (Jos). I totally forgot I had it, until recently, I was looking for a book to read on a road Trip, then I found it.
This book is more of Inspirational, Romance, and suspense, it's the first book from the series A place called home by Lori Wick.
Lori Wick is a great writer, reading her books gets you lost in your own imagination. What I love most is the Bible verses She entails in the book. You can easily refer to the Bible.
The book is set in Victorian, England.(1887).
The story is about a young Lady, she lost her only family, her grandfather. After his death, his will was changed which puts her life in danger, She got a note alerting her and must leave town, She escaped to a small community where she begins to piece together a new life. The love she finds and newfound faith sustains her as she faces the threat of danger.
Lessons learnt – You are in a difficult situation right now?
Just keep your faith alive. Be positive! Always offer uplifting and encouraging words.
But most importantly, Get closer to God.
And you can get the book
Thanks for reading guys!
Read a similar story? Please drop comments below. XOXO


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