Don’t you just want a cute Sun Glasses?, like I love them. Yh we all love them. I can’t imagine a sunny day without one. So I’m gonna be sharing my •Not so Classy• ones lol. 

But first let’s talk about The best SUNNIES to fit your Face shape. 

  1. Round – Go for something Square and avoid Any circular frame. 
  2. Rectangular – Look for Sunglasses that are More circular and avoid Square frames. 
  3. Heart-shaped – Find frames that Balance your narrower chin and broader forehead. 
  4. Oblong – Can definitely rock any type of frame. Wider frames fit perfectly, it balance out the length of your face. 

So, Choose Sunglasses that best fits your face. 

My fav should be the one from Haute Signatures. They have pretty nice And classy ones and they are affordable. 

Since I got an Oblong face, I can rock any frame, so below are some adorable ones I wanna get. 

Picture source- Instagram (Haute Signatures & Dharmieking mall) 

You think these Sunnies are cute or they are not your style?! Please comment below. I’m always up for you guys opinions. Thanks for reading XoXo 

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