2015 Trend !!! (AGBADA)

Hey guys!  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 

Have a wonderful 2016...

So, didn’t blog for a while, that’s definitely gonna change this year. Lol.

Starting up the year with my best 2015 Trend,  I had So much, I was really in love with different outfits from Tulle SkirtsSkater Skirts,  Two piece outfit, crop tops, peplum etc.  But my best outfit was the Popular Agbada!

Agbada is a long,  flowing robe with side sleeves worn by men, it  is mostly found among the Yoruba of the southwestern Nigeria and the republic of Benin,  west Africa. 

Well, the Agbada have been popular within the yorubas for decades,  it was mostly worn during traditional weddings,  parties, and was widely loved by the yorubas.  But in 2015, the outfit became a unisex outfit loved by all. *women and Men * well I love it on the ladies though. Everyone wanted to have an Agbada outfit in his /her wardrobe. I wanted too!.

Well, the Agbada outfit still trending , from men, ladies and even kids. It’s amazing to see the traditional outfit worn in a different and modernized way. 


I Hope y’all love this! 🙂 


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