Tips for relaxation !( Fashion)


Comfortable relax clothing help you to enjoy life and decrease stress.


1. Relaxed Fit Pants


Relaxed fit pants made out of cotton or spandex are perfect for working out in or relaxing in. They are stretchy, durable, and will make you feel comfortable throughout each activity. Plus, they won’t slip down. They’ll stay in place and work well for a number of activities. Also – an elastic waist is also nice and allows extra wiggle room during an intense workout or working long hours at home as a freelancer for example.


2. Yogi Tees


Yogi tees can be used for more than just a good yoga workout. You can wear them during a long walk or even when meeting up with friends. Soft, comfortable coverage will also not ride up during activities – which can be quite distracting when you’re trying to enjoy a nice workout or get together. Find bright and vibrant gear if you’d still like to be fashionable while getting your heart rate up.


3. Soft and cozy top. 


A super soft and cozy top is exactly what you need when you still want to head out for a run. Wear  over your yogi tee and feel relaxed in your relaxed fit pants too! Instead of adding more stress when it’s a trying time, wear clothing that will make you feel relaxed and at ease. That way you’ll be able to enjoy every single moment spending time with friends and family without feeling uncomfortable or wishing you had worn something else.


What´s your favorite relax clothing?




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