Fashion Tips To Look Taller



Choose slim, skinny, or classic fit. Loose or baggy will make you look wider and shorter.
Avoid full pockets or anything that causes looseness or puckering around the hips.
Low rise pants will make your legs look shorter and wearing pants too high will make your torso look shorter so pants should fit just above your hips


Avoid turtlenecks like the plague! These hide your neck and make you look stumpy.
Tucking in your shirt emphasizes your legs so if you have short legs, don’t tuck in your shirt!
Always wear form fitting shirts. Loose shirts will make you look like a box.
V-necks make your torso look longer so you should have plenty in your wardrobe.

Opt for bigger, bulkier styles of shoes like boots because they will make your feet bigger and consequently, you will appear taller.
High heels are fine but you may want to be discrete in gaining inches to your height. So consider using hidden height increasing insoles.


Go for tighter form fitting jackets. These will make you look slimmer and longer.
Jackets should fall slightly below the buttocks.
Do not wear blazers with more than 3 buttons. Besides being bad fashion, this will make you look shorter. 

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